Glossy Text

In this tutorial, I’ll demonstrate how to create the following nice looking Glossy Emblem Text Effect with Adobe Photoshop in 3 simple steps:

STEP 1. Fire up Photoshop and set up a new layer according to your size.I have taken 400 * 400 pixels. The background is your choice. I have downloaded a background in the above representation. You can also download and apply or choose from the given gradients or patterns by clicking the following tools: Layer->New Fill Layer.
STEP 2: Next, open new layer and click the text tool to write a text.
 STEP 3: Now let’s do some layer effects. Start off by selecting your text and going to Layer>LayerStyle>Drop Shadow.
Now just click the following tools when the above popup box appears:
1.Drop shadow
2.Gradient overlay
3.Inner glow
5.Bevel and Emboss
Finally save the file in .psd extension if you want it in the Photoshop and .png or .jpeg if you want it in the picture format.

For more details you can click here:

GlossyText Tutorial(LinkedIn)