About Us

Who are we?

Our Story-

Well this is to describe who we actually are. Now as we are ‘untrained professionals ‘, so we will actually be telling you about our potential. Basically, we are a group of five who are passionate in their fields of interests. We have chosen freelancing as a method to use our talent in, perhaps, the best possible way. Now for the people who are thinking the use of ‘perhaps’ as a symbol of immaturity will surely change their thought by this mention . 

Now coming straight to the point, Randomboyz is a group of young enthusiastic boys currently pursuing B.Tech from NIT Durgapur who want to do something but haven’t quite got a big stage until now. The things we do are mentioned in the team section of our website where you can get know about each person . Now as mentioned earlier we are new in this field and all we want to gather out of this is experience.

This field of freelancing,as we all know, is quite professional and we understand the importance of working with our clients. Previously we have done a few projects like video editing, photoshop etc. The section blog where you can get daily updates about members and what they are trying to learn and also what they have learnt. Also in the chat you can have a personal conversation with the team members.

The biggest thing we find challenging about feelancing is the etc mentioned earlier and we are  determined to do almost anything possible in our fields.

Thus we invite all to work with us and we will try our level best to complete the job in time and won’t let any complaint reach us. 

The team we have consists of the following –

Tech Geeks

Just willing to learn and imply new things, these work like a research team, here at Randomboyz


Software? Android Apps? Website? You just name it and we have people to cover it all 

Content Writers

People who just love writing stuff. Any topic, any time, ready to express it with their content

Problem Solvers

The most important part of Randomboyz. These people don’t let the team fall apart at hard times and get the work done.

Multimedia Editors/Mixers

The most patient and enjoying section of Randomboyz. 

Tech Support

We also have awesome tech support, if any kind of technical problem is around, this team comes in handy, who can deal with almost everything out there 🙂